Power Line Carrier

Power Line Carrier (PLC) is a common method of power systems communication. It has become one of the most economical and reliable forms of communication in it's application.

Main product groups

  • Power Line Carrier (PLC) Single Function Protection Channels
  • PLC Line Tuning, Impedance Matching Transformer, Hybrid Unit & L/C Line Tuning Filtering Unit
  • Test Switch & Relay Panels, Relay Panels, Indication Panels, Custom Panels, Rack Mountable Formats


A basic PLC system consisting of three distinct components  

  • Carrying medium for high frequency communication signals (HV transmission line)
  • Communication apparatus (transmitters, receivers and associated components)
  • Coupling/blocking equipment such as coupling capacitors, line tuners (coupling devices) and Line Traps 

These products are manufactured for the North American Market only.

Product Portfolio