RC Voltage Dividers


Resistive-Capacitive Voltage Dividers are designed for measurement and protection in HVDC transmission systems, and AC air insulated (AIS) or gas insulated (GIS) switchgear.

  • For DC: used to control HV valves of the rectifiers or inverse rectifiers. The measuring system consists of an RC voltage divider which provides inputs to a specially designed electronic power amplifier. The resulting system can accurately transform voltages within a defined burden range with linear frequency response up to approximately 10 kHz. As such, the system is ideal for measurement for dynamic and transient phenomena and harmonics associated with HVDC systems.
  • In AC transmission systems: used for the measurement of Power Quality as harmonics, overvoltage's, flicker, due an accurate representation of the voltage over a wide frequency band (typically from DC up to 500 kHz), and are not sensitive to the trapped charges phenomena. Furthermore the so-called RCVTs can be used for measurement and protection purposes in modern low burden applications, such as Smart Substations.


Main Features

  • Hermetically sealed construction
  • Stainless steel expansion chamber
  • High seismic withstand design available
  • Provides an accurate and reliable image of the voltage on the HV line to measure and determine the origin of disturbances
  • Accurate over the range from DC up to more than 10 kHz
  • Bandwidth up to 2 MHz
  • Excellent transient characteristics
  • As RCVTs do not have any saturable cores, they cannot get into ferroresonance
  • Not affected by the discharge of the line: no risk for the unit 


Trench is also your partner for GIS RC Voltage Dividers. Please download our brochure here:

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