Inductive Voltage Transformers
Oil insulated Inductive Voltage Transformers

Main Features

  • Excellent insulation stress control using a fine graded bushing (less weight, less oil volume, increase safety and reliability)
  • Maintenance free
  • Safety (strong limitation of internal overpressure, shielded secondary windings, hermetically sealed)
  • Low reactance primary permits high short circuit currents and high primary current
  • Perfect transient performance
  • Suitable for line discharging
  • Essentially unaffected by stray external magnetic fields
  • Excellent seismic performance due to optimized designs (low weight) and porcelain (cementing) and flanges (welding)
  • Exclusive use of corrosion resistant materials (aluminum tank and head) 



  • Available from 72.5 kV up to 550 kV (tank and cascade design)
  • High quality mineral oil insulation, PCB free, biological decomposition
  • Porcelain or Composite insulator
  • Hermetically sealed stainless steel metallic bellows
  • Stable accuracy over a long period of time
  • Maintenance free during a long life time of more than 30 years
  • Low weight and minimum oil volume
  • Explosion resistant by
    • High reliability insulation system
    • Fine graded bushing
    • Bushing tube and connection to withstand high short circuit current


Inductive Transformer gas VEOT
Oil insulated Inductive Voltage Transformers