Corporate Social Responsibility

The Trench Group does not tolerate corruption, illegal or unethical behavior. This policy is laid out in our Business Conduct Guidelines, which constitutes a binding document for all our employees. We do not leave it at that however. Our organization is carrying out full compliance training, and our operational units are routinely checked by internal audits.


  • Training for senior management takes place as an in-person program covering Anti-Bribery and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Gifts & Entertainment, Competition Law and the investigations process.
  • Web-based training was implemented for employees with signing authority, employees in management position, and employees having direct contact with customers. This program includes anti-bribery laws and the principles of global fair competition.


Complaints handling
(not valid for Trench Austria GmbH, please contact your compliance officer)

In addition to the Compliance Tell Us an external ombudsman was engaged to support employees and third parties in publishing any possible unfair business practices. The said ombudsman and the Tell Us System offers a secure communication base on a confidental and anonymous basis.

Law firm
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