Trench Italia S.r.l.

The Instrument Transformers Manufacturer Trench Italia is located in Cairo Montenotte, northwest of Italy near the town of Savona, in the the West Riviera, approximately 80 km from the town of Genova with its logistic infrastructures. The Company was formed in 1919 in Savona under the name of Scarpa e Magnano. In 1965 came the merger with Magrini and the whole enterprise was acquired by Merlin Gerin in 1984, before being integrated in VATECH group in 2001 and finally in Trench group in 2006.

A generous history that leads, in the thirties, thanks to own patent and first in the world, to the realization of the small oil technology for high voltage circuit breakers; today, with more than 90 years of experience in the energy sector, Trench Italia is a leading center of competence in the design and manufacturing of high voltage instrument transformers. The European production of Capacitor Voltage Transformers and Grading Capacitors is concentrated in the site of Cairo Montenotte together with a significant manufacturing of oil-insulated instrument transformers on a 53.000 m² total site surface.


The product portfolio includes: