Trench Germany GmbH

Trench Germany, the former MWB Messwandler-Bau - founded in 1946 - is located in the world-heritage city Bamberg in Bavaria. Based on the long-time experience with the production of high voltage equipment with epoxy-resin and oil-paper insulation, the company pioneered the design and production of gas insulated instrument transformers and developed in 1965 the first GIS SF6  insulated voltage transformer for encapsulated switchgear (GIS).

In 2001 Trench Germany completed its 800 kV portfolio in supplying the first 800 kV combined current and voltage instrument transformer for outdoor installation (AIS). Today it is the technological centre of  gas insulated equipment in the Trench Group and offers plant and office space totaling 45.000 m².


The product portfolio includes: