Trench Austria GmbH

In 1954 Trench Austria was established by Alois Esslinger, an electrical engineer known beyond the borders of Austria. The former name of the company until 1990 was Spezielektra Esslinger KG.

From the very beginning one focus area of the company was the development and production of reactors for electrical power system. Revolutionary in the 1950s was the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic as part of the insulation of reactors.

Internationally Trench Austria gained significant reputation in the 1960s when supplying high current and high voltage test reactors for international test laboratories like KEMA in Arnheim/The Netherlands.

In 1990 Spezielektra was merged with Trench Electric Toronto/Canada. This was also the starting point for the formation of the Trench Group.

Today Trench Austria in Leonding near Linz exclusively produces reactor/coil products for medium and high voltage electrical systems, both in dry type as well as oil immersed technology and is one of the worldwide leading companies in this niche area of the electrical industry worldwide.


The product portfolio includes: